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You should become a nurse for Several Reasons.

First, it is a very good career. A career in nursing will allow you to make a decent and a comfortable salary abroad, while working at a job that you enjoy.

Second, you should become a nurse because in many places, there is a very high shortage of nurses. Becoming a nurse of any kind puts you in high demand for many hospitals around the world.

Third, you should become a nurse because it is a very rewarding career. You will be helping sick people on a daily basis, and when you help them to feel better or get better, you will feel good about the job you are doing. Helping people is a very rewarding career. It will have its ups and downs, but overall, I think you will be very satisfied, fulfilled and happy working as a nurse of any kind, in any hospital.

A Great Advantage for Indian Nurses:

Indian nurses are known to be very honest and reliable. The other advantage is that the Indian nursing syllabus is very much similar to that of the United States . Moreover, most Indians speak English fluently.

Male Nurses:

It is unfortunate that our male students are not showing enough interest in Nursing. In other countries, a good number of male students are becoming Nurses. It is high time we stop looking at nursing as a low-pay, less respectable job and start promoting our students to become nurses.

4 major benefits for Overseas Nurses:

In abroad, most of the nursing students –

1. Get an attractive salary
2. Continue their studies, while working
3. Do overtime in the same hospitals
4. Do part time jobs elsewhere

American Benefits

A Minimum salary of Rs. 2.25 lac per month
Paid vacations and sick time
Retirement saving plan
Contract completion bonus
Health, Dental and Life insurance
Other assignments options available
And much more facilities available

Hence, by taking up nursing one can earn a lot, study a lot and can easily lead a comfortable life. Unlike in India, the respect for nurses is very high in abroad.

Easy Bank loan & Procedure:
Bank loans are easily available for the nursing students and we gives students all kinds of assistance to get easy Bank loans up-to Rs.6 lakhs.